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to live with purpose!

Candice Chaloupka MA, LMHC​

 Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Interested in Healing and Growth? 

Welcome to Mind Body Soul Health. My name is Candice Chaloupka and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I believe we are all put on this earth for a purpose; that life has meaning, even the bad things that happen. We can be are our own worst enemies and may live in a downward spiral of doubt and shame. My purpose is to serve others by helping them to identify the thoughts and behaviors that hinder healthy relationships with others but also with self. Counseling is my calling, my purpose and is not just a job. 

The reality is, most people will have depression and or anxiety at some point in their life. At the minimum you will know someone who has a mental health issue. Counseling though, does not just benefit someone with mental health issues. We all could use someone to help us sort through the many obstacles in life! Communication skills, managing emotions, setting goals are all things a counselor can help with! If you would like to make sense of past trauma, manage mental health issues or just learn more about how you be healthy and content, then I am happy to work with you!

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